Do you love the flavour of vanilla and do you use any body care product that contains this incredibly scented ingredient?

Vanilla is extremely sought after in the entire world, and it is the most expensive product after saffron, because the production process of natural vanilla lasts approximately 5-6 years. In addition, its effects on skin are amazing, leaving it much more moisturised and relaxing muscles.

Here are a few products that contain vanilla extract:

1. Plaisirs Nature shower gell with vanilla (100 ml) – – 15.90 lei

Gel de dus cu vanilie

2. Pure Harmony shampoo with vanilla and bergamot (200 ml) – – 35 lei

Sampon cu vanilie si bergamota

3. Savon de Marseille soap with vanilla (100 g) – – 15 lei

Sapun cu vanilie

4. 100% pure body butter (96 g) – – 121 lei

Unt de corp cu vanilie

5. MaterNatura hand cream with vanilla and argan (40 ml) – – 25 lei

Crema de maini cu vanilie si argan

6. La Cremerie body scrub with vanilla and avocado (1000 ml) – –  150 lei

Scrub de corp cu vanilie si avocado

7. Village Cosmetics body lotion with vanilla (200 ml) – – 17.99 lei

Lotiune de corp cu vanilie

8. Treats exfoliating scrub with vanilla and honey (450 ml) – – 59 lei

Sare exfolianta cu vanilie

9.  Nala deo cream with vanilla and rosses (55 g) – – 19.90 lei

Deodorant crema cu vanilie si trandafiri

10. Sabio lip balm with vanilla (6 ml) – – 10 lei

Balsam de buze cu vanilie


11. Greenland face mask with vanilla and lime (10 ml) – – 11.20 lei

Masca de fata cu vanilie

12. Kallos hair mask with vanilla (1000 ml) – – 18.10 lei

Masca de par cu vanilie

Don’t forget the sweet scent of vanilla will relax you the entire day after you have used body products that contain this ingredient! So make your days more relaxing!

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