Cellulite or "orange peel" is one of the most common problems for women. This can be diminished with the help of sports and a healthy lifestyle, but keep in mind that massage is also helpful. It is important to be done in a proper way, at the salon, by a professional, but given the fact that we must spend as much time at home as possible, you can opt for a massage device that you can use at home.

So, we have prepared for you 5 anti-cellulite massage devices that you can order with just a few clicks:

1. EMS anti-cellulite massage device – domo.ro – 346 lei


Product details: This device uses ultrasound and infrared technology of 1 mhz at the same time to efficiently measure and treat the skin and, while providing a massage for weight loss and body contouring; power 10 W.

2. InnovaGoods anti-cellulite massage device – emag.ro – 299.90 lei


Product details: anti-cellulite device with vacuum massage therapy; rechargeable; suitable to diminish cellulite in a fast, simple and economical way; adjustable intensity; drains fat, tones the skin and exfoliates aged skin; 4 levels of intensity.

3. Relax & Tone 2 Autentic anti-cellulite massage device – cel.ro – 80 lei

Relax & Tone 2 Autentic

Product details: power 25W; 4 heads; tones, relaxes, thins and sculpts the thighs and abdomen.

4. Beper anti-cellulite massage device – beper.ro – 190 lei


Product details: lipo slimming, which reduces cellulite and the unaesthetic skin aspect; 4 accessories; ergonomic handle; 220V; power 25W.

5. Vibro Shape weight loss belt – electrostil.ro – 125 lei

Vibro Shape

Product details: anti-cellulite massage belt with heating (sauna effect) and Vibro Shape massage.

Do not forget! Combine anti-cellulite massage with an anti-cellulite cream and follow this process at least two or three times a week, after a workout. The results will be visible from the first month of use!

Featured image source: www.confidereandco.com.au
Listing image source: ventussa.ro
Article images sources: the websites where the mentioned products are available