Known as aerial yoga or air yoga, this sport is a novel combination between yoga, dancing, Pilates and aerobics, using a special hammock every time. It is a recent sport, invented around the year 2000, and it has quickly become very popular due to its unique way of being performed.

It is an excellent class for those who work longer times in the office, as it improves the cardiovascular system, tones the entire body, and decompresses the vertebrae of the spine.

Aerial yoga can be practised by anyone, regardless of their physical condition. So let’s discover a few locations in Bucharest where you can do this sport under the close guidance of a specialist:

1. Viva Sport Club –  – 103 Olteniței Avenue;

Viva Sport Club

Session price: 35 lei

2. Dance Room – – 2 Anastasie Simu Street, 3rd floor, ap. 6;

Dance Room

Session price: 100 lei

3. Body Exprim – – 29 A Constructorilor Boulevard

Body Exprim

Session price: 30 lei

4. Air Yoga – – 2 Anastasie Simu Street, 3rd floor, ap.6;

Air Yoga

Session price: 60 lei

Remember not to wear accessories when you go to an aerial yoga class, as they may damage the hammock and make you injure yourself. We wish you pleasant relaxation!

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