Do you like to always have a great manicure, but you can't constantly go to the beauty salon to get the proper pampering session? Now you can do this at home. Order a kit that contains at least the basic tools for creating the desired manicure and get to work. It is not difficult! You just need a little handiness!

So, if you have decided to invest in a manicure kit, we come to your aid with some suggestions:

1. Ted Baker manicure kit – – 253 lei

Ted Baker

2. Erbe Solingen manicure kit – – 177 lei

Erbe Solingen

3. Voyages Oasis manicure kit – – 300 lei

Voiages Oasis

4. Zwilling Twinox manicure kit – – 240 lei

Zwilling Twinox

5. Erbe Solingen manicure kit – – 215 lei

Erbe Solingen


6. BaByliss manicure kit – – 329 lei



7. Otto Herder manicure kit – – 330 lei

Otto Herder Manichure

What manicure kit will you choose to pamper yourself?

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