Do you want your eyelashes to remain impeccable throughout the day, no matter the temperature in the thermometer, or you just want to have a seductive look even when you get out of the pool? Choose one of the 7 waterproof mascaras that we have prepared for you, and your makeup will remain intact regardless of the temperature changes.

1. Shockproof MAC waterproof mascara –  – 120 lei

Mac Cosmetics

2. Pierre Rene waterproof mascara – – 59 lei


3. Outrageous Volume Sephora waterproof mascara – – 71 lei


4. Monsieur Big Lancome waterproof mascara – – 129 lei


5. Makeup Studio waterproof mascara – – 69 lei


6. Vamp! waterproof mascara – – 50 lei

Pupa Milano

7. Masterpiece MAX Factor waterproof mascara – – 49.99 lei


Choose the waterproof mascara for an impeccable makeup and for a lasting seductive look!

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