Do you want to have a flawless makeup every day? Take a look at the self makeup courses presented above, where you will meet nationally and internationally renowned makeup artists who will offer you tips and also the best advice that you must put into practice every time you go out. Here are some of the specialized schools where you can attend such a course, as well as some make-up artists who can guide you:

1. Self makeup course – – 13 Radu Calomfirescu Street;

Curs automachiaj Atelierele Ilbah

Course duration: 2 days

Register until: 11th of May

Course price: 450 lei

2. Self makeup course – – 67 Mureș Street;

Curs automachiaj Rottaru

Course duration: 6 hours

Course price: 400 lei

3. Self makeup course – – 13 George Călinescu Street, 2nd floor;

Curs automachiaj Paulina Buldumea

Course duration: 2 days

Course price: 150 euro

4. Self makeup course – – 14 Decebal Boulevard;

Curs automachiaj Ciftci Elena

Course duration: 12 hours

Course price: 250 Euro

5. Self makeup course – – 12A Victoriei Avenue, mezzanine;

Curs automachiaj Mirela Vescan

Course duration: 3 meetings

Course price: 150 Euro

6. Self makeup course – – 4 Maica Alexandra Street;

Curs automachiaj Atelier Paris

Course duration: 4 days

Course price: 180 Euro

An ideal makeup for your complexion and your lineaments will always enhance your beauty, alongside a sensational outfit. Choose a self makeup course to learn all the tips that will help you shine!

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