With a nourishing and restructuring action on the hair, the argan oil makes it elastic and shiny. It is absorbed in a very short time and it can be easily removed by shampooing and rinsing the hair.

Particularly suitable for revitalizing dry hair, the argan oil, if used regularly, strengthens the hair, from the root to the tips, and stimulates its growth. So, we suggest you some hair care products that have argan oil in their composition:

1. Hair serum with argan oil – ladys.ro – 27.99 lei


2. Hair repairing mask with argan oil – www.bioki.ro – 69.60 lei



3. Regenerating spray with argan oil and keratin – www.esteto.ro – 18 lei



4. Shampoo with argan oil and keratin – farmec.ro – 12.99 lei



5. Hair treatment with argan oil – agiora.ro – 48 lei



6. Hair conditioner with argan oil – capranera.com – 78 lei



7. Hair treatment for tips with argan oil – www.emag.ro – 36 lei


And last, but not least, if you prefer homemade masks, we suggest using natural argan oil that you can combine with many other ingredients to prepare the hair treatment for your needs. You can order it from www.arganshop.ro, at the price of 40 lei.

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