In recent years, an increasing number of people have chosen to wear clothing items and accessories with Romanian traditional motifs. Why? Because each of us loves the place where we were born, even though it may not be the perfect one.

And since our day, the day of all Romanians, is coming soon, we have prepared for you a few accessories with Romanian traditional motifs that you can wear proudly every time.

1. Oline Gallery handmade ring with traditional motifs – 35 lei

Inel handmade cu motive traditionale

2. Atelierul Berzelor handmade earrings with traditional motifs – 30 lei

Cercei cu motive traditionale

3. Breslo broach with traditional motifs – 30 lei

Brosa cu motive traditionale

4. Crafty necklace with traditional motifs – 40 lei

Colier cu motive traditionale

5. Coolori cooker with traditional motifs – 24.80 lei

Choker cu motive traditionale

6. Granny Made hairpin with traditional motifs – 15 lei

Agrafa cu motive traditionale

7. Grietimart green-blue ring with traditional motifs – 20 lei

Inel cu motive traditionale

8. Produse earrings with traditional motifs – 18 lei

cercei cu motive traditionale

9. Biju broach with traditional motifs – 44.99 lei


10. Ellys Shop necklace with traditional motifs – 27 lei


11. Biella Biju earrings with traditional motifs – 20 lei


12. OZANA Fine Art Jewelry broches and earrings with traditional motifs – 75 / 65 lei

Cercei si cercei

We know you’re proud to be Romanian! So we can’t wait for you to tell us what accessory with Romanian traditional motifs you have chosen to wear on 1 December!

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