Romanian traditional motifs are an important part of our identity, so, in an attempt not to forget about popular traditions, we use them not just in authentic clothing items, but also in day-to-day objects. The meaning of symbols was a magical one for our ancestors, because every object that these images were painted on was considered to be a lucky one.

Thus, so as to preserve the tradition and bring a bit of luck into your home, we have prepared for you a selection of plates with Romanian traditional motifs, which you will love at first sight:

1. Traditional plate with birds (28 cm) – – 48 lei

Farfurie traditionala cu pasari

2. Corund colored ceramic traditional plate(16 cm) – – 25 lei

Farfurie traditionala din ceramica

3. Traditional plate with feminine motifs from Cucuteni ceramic (18 cm) – – 135 lei

Farfurie traditionala cu motive feminine

4. Corund traditional blue ceramic plate Corund (24 cm) – – 40 lei

Farfurie traditionala ceramica albastra

5. Ceramic plate with Romanian traditional motifs (16 cm) – – 15 lei

Farfurie din cermica cu motive traditionale romanesti

6. Plate with Romanian traditional motifs  (32 cm) – – 59.90 lei

Platou cu motive tradiționale românești

7. Traditional Romanian plate with house snake (20 cm) – – 50  lei

Farfurie tradițional românească cu șarpele casei

We can’t wait for you to tell us which model is your favourite!

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