Dear future bride, the wedding season is about to begin, and the most special day of your life will come soon and it will be a day when you will shine with beauty! But for that, you'll need the help of various specialists. Designers, hairstylists, make-up artists, everyone will be there for you, but let's not forget that the most important element will be the wedding outfit, namely the wedding dress.

So, if you have not bought your wedding dress yet, it's time to do it! Fashion designers will do their best to make your dress impeccable, so you will look amazing.

And for such events, we have prepared a list of 10 Romanian designers from whom you can order your favorite dress. The are plenty of models to choose from!

1. Cristina Săvulescu – – 4 Madrid Street, 1st floor, Bucharest;

Cristina Savulescu

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2. Cristina și Gabriela Antonescu (Ersa Atelier) – – 19 Gheorghevici Street, Bucharest;

Ersa Atelier

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3. Oana Lupaș (The Bride) – – 2 Avram Iancu Street, Cluj- Napoca;

Oana Lupas

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4. Mihaela Lucia Hohan – – 21 Carol Davila Street, Bucharest;

Mihaela Lucia Hohan

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5. Cristina State (La Mode Toujours) – – 52 Spătarului Street, Bucharest;

Cristina State

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6. Andreea Constantin (Rhea Costa) – – 14 Doctor Burghelea Street, Bucharest;

Andreea Constantin

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7. Andra Turcanu (Loulou) – – 6 Intrarea Mareșal Josef Pilsudski Street, Bucharest;


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8. Manuela Pungan (Manurί) – – 25 Luigi Cazzavillan Street, Bucharest;

Manuela Pungan

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9. Veronica Zaharia (Parlor) – – 12 Armenească Street, 1st floor, Bucharest;

Veronica Zaharia

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10. Dana Barbul și Lavinia Hreniuc (Freya Wedding) – – 5 Romanilor Square, Timișoara;

Dana Barbul si Lavinia Hreniuc

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We hope you've made an idea about the bridal dresses models and that you've chosen your favorite designer. All you have to do is just make an appointment for a showroom visit and a talk with a fashion counselor!

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