If handbags are the items that any women should invest in, men will definitely appreciate practical wallets in classic shades or, on the contrary, in bolder shapes and colours, according to their own tastes. Choose a natural leather wallet, which is much sturdier and has an incontestable quality!

We are introducing four young designers with modern visions, who do not know any limits. Although their portfolio includes more than wallets, we’ll choose the latter, thus offering you 4 models of natural leather wallets from 4 famous Romanian designers:

1. Bogdan Deliu started his activity as a graphic designer, and in 2013 he moved his work offline, handling leather and skilfully making bags, wallets and other accessories using natural leather. His handmade products are the results of the successful combination between work and passion, each of them reflecting the free personality of the designer. From the category of wallets signed by Bogdan Deliu, you can choose one with a unique design, like Boggy, available for the price of 320 lei. It is made of leather tanned using vegetable substances, dyed and patinated skilfully by the designer. Visit his Facebook page for more information.

Portofel Bogdan Deliu

Image source: ibb.com

2. Another renowned designer among those who make natural leather products is Sebastian Roncea. Known for his iconic handbags, the designer came into the world of fashion when he started making textile bowties using recyclable materials, only to move later on to natural leather items. His creations are impressive due to their colours and amazing combinations of materials. You can choose from his range of products the following wallet, available for 400 lei. You can learn more about the designer on his Facebook page.

Portofel Sebastian Roncea

Image source: www.facebook.com/RonceaSebastiandesign

3. Gabriel Geller has stood out due to his natural, simple designs, creating products that are not ostentatious and attract with their minimalistic and urban aspect. The symmetry and finesse of the lines beautifully complement the simple colours of leather items. Choose a practical wallet, a slim, yet spacious one, the Slim (Subțire) model. You can find it on www.gabrielgeller.com for the price of 170 lei.

Portofel Sebastian Geller

Image source: www.gabrielgeller.com

4. Daniel Savu is another product designer who impresses with his creations with a minimalistic design. The pleasure of making one-of-a-kind natural leather items was given concrete form five years ago, when he created the first items under the brand’s logo. Just like in the case of the designers mentioned above, Daniel Savu’s creations are handmade, with the quality and uniqueness of the products that he carefully designs. You can add to your shopping cart the following simple wallet, made of natural cattle leather, available on danielsavu.com for the price of 250 lei.

Portofel Daniel Savu

Image source: danielsavu.com

We’ve only presented to you 4 Romanian designers that translate their pleasure of working with natural leather into impressive creations that you should definitely include in your wardrobe! We hope you found the wallet you like, because you will clearly use it for a long time!

Featured image source: www.ltleather.com
Listing image source: www.interest.pics