Who doesn’t like the quince confiture and jam? We know that in this period all housewives spend lots of hours in the kitchen to prepare the tastiest winter goodies, but if you do not have time for this, we are here to help you. You can buy jars filled with quince confiture and jam prepared by local producers with just a few clicks. Their products are delicious!

1. “Bunătăți de la Cristina” quince confiture (360 g) – bunatatidecasacristina.ro – 20 lei

Bunatati de la Cristina

2. “Ana are” quince confiture (320 g) – palnteea.ro – 19.3 lei

Ana are

3. “Aromă și Savoare” quince jam (350 g) – deprinromania.ro – 17 lei

Aroma si savoare

4. “Bunătăți din natură” sugar free quince confiture (250 g) – bunatatidinnatura.ro – 18 lei

Bunatati din natura

5. “Pivnița Bunicii” quince jam (190 g) – www.pravaliamica.ro – 12.99 lei

Pivnita Bunicii

6. “Odaia Bună” quince confiture (220 g) – odaiabuna.ro – 15 lei

Odaia Buna

7. “Bunicel.ro” quince jam with nuts (230 g) – bunicel.ro – 12.90 lei


8. “Două Surori” quince confiture (310 g) – www.douasurori.ro – price on demand

Doua Surori

9. “Deliris” cardamom and quince confiture (400 g) – deliris.com – 12 lei


10. “Băcănia Rod” quince confiture (220 g) – bacaniarod.ro – 19 lei

Bacania Rod

Enjoy the quince confiture or jam with a cup of hot tea! You will have the ideal breakfast for the cold mornings of this period.

Featured image source: img.taste.com.au
Listing image source: tallcloverfarm.com
Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available