On Easter holidays, almost at every corner of the street, you will feel the smell of goodies gently prepared by each housewife. Whether we are talking about the lamb steak, the delicious sweet bread full of cocoa, raisins and Turkish delight, all this is a delight for each of us. But let's not forget the traditional pasture! Prepared from the classic dessert, aerated and flavored dough, filled with sweet cheese and raisins, it should not be missed on the table of Romanians everywhere. And if you do not have time to cook it at home, we have selected some candies where you can order a pasture exactly to your liking.

1. Vanilla Easter bread – painplaisir.ro – 65 lei/600 g

Pain Plaisir

2. Easter bread – www.anapan.ro – 59 lei/kg

Ana Pan


3. Easter bread – www.cofetaria-maria.ro – 55 lei/kg

Cofetaria Maria


4. Easter bread without dough – dordedulce.ro – 50 lei/piece (1200 – 1250 g)

Dor de dulce


5. Easter bread with cheese and raisins – www.cofetariaclaus.ro – 75 lei/kg

Cofetaria Claus


6. Easter bread with cheese – www.cofetariaarmand.ro – 50 lei/piece (almost 1 kg)

Cofetaria Armand


7. Easter bread – dulcesicevainplus.ro – 55 lei/600 g

Dulce si ceva in plus


8. Easter bread – cofetariaminimal.ro – 23 lei/600 g

Cofetaria Minimal


9. Easter bread – tiptiop.ro – 29 lei/piece



10. Small Easter bread – www.cofetariaalice.ro – 30 lei/piece 500 g

Cofetaria Alice


11. Traditional Easter bread – suntdelicioase.ro – 59 lei/kg

Cofetaria Casandra

Do not forget to order the Easter bread from your favorite candy, because this is a very busy time! We kindly wish you to enjoy these dishes with your loved ones and have a wonderful Easter!

Featured image source: www.cozonaculdolofan.ro
Listing image source: srbija-forum.com
Article images sources: the websites where the above-mentioned products are available