After so much sea, sun and exotic destinations, a few days in a cooler mountain area don’t really sound that bad. In between outdoor walks and the hours of relaxation, add a bit of adventure, and go on a hike in the mountains. If you have your friends close and you respect mountain rescuers’ indications, you will have an unforgettable experience.

Romania has plenty of mountain hike trails, but today we’re going in Bucegi Mountains and present you 5 hike trails that start in Bușteni. Bucegi Mountains are famous for their fairy tale landscapes, but also for the hike trails that even some professionals find difficult. We have chosen a few trails with different levels of difficulty. Choose the one you feel ready for!

Trail 1: Bușteni – Urlătoarea Waterfall

Duration: 1h 30 min

Cascada Urlătoarea

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Although the trail is one of the easiest, being accessible even to families with children, you should go in nice weather and wear special boots for this activity. The landscape is heavenly and it will be an extremely pleasant activity in your holiday. Urlătoarea Waterfall is one of the most spectacular ones in Romania, the water having a strong debit and falling from a height of 15 metres.

Trail 2: Bușteni – Diham Cabin

Duration: 2h 30 min

spre Cabana Diham

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With a longer duration than the first trail, this one has a medium level of difficulty. The least adventurous ones can stop at Gura Diham Cabin, approximately 1 hour from Bușteni. However, if you climb up to Diham Cabin, the trail will not be very difficult. You can climb quite easily if you’re properly equipped, and the landscape should not be missed!

Trail 3: Bușteni – Omu Cabin

Duration: 9h

Cabana Omu

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This trail is one of the most difficult ones in Romania, and it is recommended to do it in favourable weather conditions and with the proper equipment, preferably if you have experience in mountain climbing. Omu Cabin is located at an elevation of 2505 m, being the highest one in the Carpathian Mountains. Therefore, doing this trail gives adventurous tourists an indescribable satisfaction. The route is common to the one going to Diham Cabin up to a point, where the trail separates and you need to head to Poiana Izvoarelor Cabin, where it is recommended to stop for a while, because what follows is a long, difficult route, yet incredibly beautiful.

Trail 4: Bușteni – Cabana Arsă

Duration: 5h

spre Cabana Arsă

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Another challenge of Bucegi Mountains is the route to Cabana Arsă, classified as having a medium level of difficulty. The route is similar to the one to Urlătoarea Cabin up to a point, where the climb becomes a little more difficult. The trail crosses a good part of Jepii Mari, with picturesque landscapes that will leave you breathless. The route to Cabana Arsă will also allow you to see Caraiman Peak, with the Heroes’ Cross and Jepii Mici Peak.

Trail 5: Bușteni – Peștera Ialomiței Cabin

Duration: 6h

spre Pestera Ialomitei

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This trail has a high level of difficulty and it is recommended to do it only with the proper equipment. En route to Peștera Ialomiței Cabin, you can stop at Caraiman Cabin and Babele Cabin to admire the magnificent landscapes. At the same time, you can reduce the trail to the two tourist attractions if the distance to Peștera Ialomiței Cabin is too long for you.

In Bușteni, you have plenty of options for accommodation. You can choose to stay at:

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Dress appropriately, check the weather forecast ahead, and don’t forget the map of the area you are going to visit. For more advice about hiking, talk to cabin owners. It is not recommended to go on a trail unprepared! For your safety, you can hire a certified mountain guide.

And don’t forget the most important advice – Respect nature!

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