Dobrogea is among the few areas in the country where the wine has a special flavor. Thanks to the fertile soils in the region, grapes can be cultivated anywhere, so it has become among the first areas of interest for the wine industry in Romania.

1. ALIRA vineyard

Crama Alira

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The ALIRA vineyard awaits you between Aliman and Rasova, on the hills next to the Danube. The beauty of the place will take your breath away, and the taste of the freshly made wine will make you go home with a few bottles. We recommend a bottle of Alira Merlot 2010 Magnum (1.5 liters), a red, dry wine with 13.8% alcohol that you can order from for 89 lei.

2. Hamangia vineyard

Crama Hamagia

Located on 112, 1 Decembrie Street, in Baia, Tulcea County, the Hamangia vineyard is renowned and taken care of with passion, from generation to generation. Anyone who visits it will find the perfect wine for themselves! You can choose Aequilibrium – Cabernet Sauvignon, rose, sec, available on at the price of 18 lei.

3. Vinuri de Măcin

Vinuri de Macin

The Măcin vineyard, a provider for the Royal House from 2011, awaits you with plenty of flavored wines, specially created for all tastes. Located in Tulcea County, on Viticultori Street, no. 2, here you can choose, for the long evenings, along with friends, to have a Tres Rosae wine, which is a balanced rose wine with a sustained aromatic line. You can also buy it from at the price of 35 lei.

4. Gabai vineyard

Crama Gabai

Located in the center of Dobrogea Plateau, Gabai Wine was born out of love for quality wine. Grapes comforted by the sun's rays become one of the finest and most aromatic wines. We recommend that you try the Black Maiden Oak Cask, available online at at the price of 89 lei.

5. Histria vineyard

Crama Histria

Located in Gocealac, Constanța County, at the Histria vineyard you can find an ideal wine for this season – Ammo Rose from 2017. The manually harvested grapes, but also the fruity aromas and the rose notes offer this wine a remarkable taste, suitable for summer days. You can order it from at the price of 50 lei.

Come visit the vineyards from Dobrogea and participate at least at one of the wine tastings offered by them! We hope you will find the wine you like the most

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