Today we talk about another wonderful place, part of the beautiful Romanian landscape – Cazanele Dunării. It is a picturesque area at ​​the Porțile de Fier Natural Park, which stretches on 9 km with plenty of tourist attractions that should be visited. The place has a rich history, considering that its stories have begun from the Dacian times. They considered the water from this area is capable of making them invincible, perhaps immortal, like the Danube that had made its way through the mountains. The surgent water seen from above seems to boil, so in the Romanian mot-a-mot translation of “Cazanele Dunării” means “The Danube Boilers”.

Without keeping you in suspense, we've prepared you a little guide for a trip to Cazanele Dunării.

Cazanele Dunării

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Enjoy a boat or plane ride

If you come to this splendid area, you have to take a boat ride to truly enjoy the tourist attractions. The price for an hour by boat on the Danube River is 30 lei for an adult. You can also go fishing, so organize your time for such an activity.

The most courageous ones can take a plane ride, admiring the beauty of Cazanele Dunării from above. Find out that a one-hour flight per person is 450 lei. Only one person can board with the pilot and keep in mind that a reservation is needed. More details about the boat or plane rides can be found on

Some attractions you need to check

After we recommend you the best way to visit the area, now we have to tell you what to see:

The Mraconia Monastery – Located in the gulf with the same name from Cazanele Mici, the monastery was built on a former point of navigation. The monastery has a history with unpleasant moments, being possessed by foreigners and even being engulfed by water. For both its history and its beauty, it is worth spending a few minutes here.

Decebal's Face – You can find it in Cazanele Mici, in the Mraconia Gulf. The sculpture was made in 10 years (1994 – 2004) and the idea of it belonged to the Romanian businessman Iosif Constantin Drăgan. This creation is emblematic for the area, so you have to visit it!

Decebal`s Face

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Tabula Traiana – In front of Decebal's Face, on the bank of Serbia, there is an ancient memorial tablet raised by Roman Emperor Traian in order to celebrate the victories of The Roman Empire over the Dacians. To visit it you have to pay 10 lei extra to the boat trip.

Ponicova Cave and Veterans Cave – During the boat ride on Cazanele Mari, you have to stop at both caves. If the first one is included in the transport price, for the Veterans Cave, you can optionally pay 6 lei extra. The Ponicova Cave was dug by the Danube in Ciucarul Mare Mountain and you can access it either by boat or on the land. It has 1660 m, being the largest cave in the Danube Pass. The Veterans Cave is a place full of history, the Dacians considering it the sanctuary of their god, Zamolxe. You can enter the cave only on the water.

Backpacking in Porțile de Fier Natural Park


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A holiday in nature cannot end without a few mountain trails, on Ciucarul Mare Mountain and Ciucarul Mic Mountain, from where you can admire the Danube. Cazanele Mari Ecotourism Route starts from the DN 57 national road, at the exit from Dubova, to Moldova Nouă, has a length of 1.6 km and a duration of approximately one hour. Cazanele Mici Ecotourism Route also starts from the national road DN 57, in the Dubova Gulf, has a length of 9 km and a duration of about 4 hours.

While hiking, it is desirable to be accompanied by a representative from Porțile de Fier Natural Park, because it is a natural reservation with extremely valuable elements for Romania's geology, flora and fauna.

Do not forget about the accommodation!

Now that you know where to go in your next trip, we give you some accommodation ideas. Prices are for one night in a matrimonial room.

All you have to do is prepare your luggage! Your holiday at Cazanele Dunării will be a dream one.

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