History has left a beautiful hall-mark on Alba Iulia, which is known to all of us as the city of the Great Union. But more than that, Alba Iulia represents an excellent journey in time, from which we mention that it was the first capital of Romania and a place where archeological sources from the 5th millennium BC were discovered. With memorable historical episodes for our country, the city has to be, without a doubt, on the list of the must-visit tourist destinations.

Situated right in the heart of Transylvania, Alba Iulia hides a lot of tourist attractions, so let's find them together!

1. Alba Iulia Fortress

Cetatea Alba Iulia

Image source: viziteazaalbaiulia.ro

Occupying about 30 hectares of land, the Alba Carolina Fortress invites you to a short walk in time. Inside, you will be able to visit the Gates of the Fortress, the two cathedrals, the Three Fortifications, the Horea cell, the Museum and the Union Hall. The access is free of charge.

2. Alba Iulia National Museum – mnuai.ro – 5 A Moților Avenue

Muzeul National Alba Iulia

Image source: viziteazaalbaiulia.ro

The Alba Iulia National Museum is located in the Babylon building, which was used decades ago as a housing pavilion for officers. Currently, the museum collections include approximately 200,000 heritage objects, the library holding about 70,000 volumes. The price of a ticket for an adult who wants to visit the Babylon building is 10 lei. You can also opt for a guided tour of the Union Museum and Hall (35 lei) or for a guided tour in the Alba Carolina Bastion Fortress (100 lei/hour).

3. Apor Palace – 5 Gabriel Bethlen Street

Palatul Apor

Image source: www.informatii-romania.ro

Apor Palace is declared the first Baroque civilian building in the Transylvanian region. Among the famous people who lived in this palace are figures known from the history pages, such as the Count of Steinville, commander of the Imperial Troops. The entrance to Apor Palace is free of charge.

4. Batthyaneum Library – 1 Gabriel Bethlen Street

Biblioteca Batthyaneum

Image source: info-herodot.ro

Being one of the most important tourist attractions in Alba Iulia, the Batthyaneum Library has a series of books that are unique in the world. Its founder is Batthyány Ignác, Bishop of the Great Principality of Transylvania. The entrance is free of charge.

5. Cathedral of Coronation – 16 Mihai Viteazu Street

Catedrala Incoronarii

Image source: www.ruma.ro

This Cathedral is included on the list of historical monuments in Romania, as on 15th September 1922, the ceremony of the crowning of King Ferdinand and Queen Mary as sovereigns of Great Romania took place. The access to this cathedral is free.

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We invite you to visit a city full of history! We are sure that you will leave with many useful and interesting new information and you will return to Alba Iulia every time you have the chance.

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